Dynamic Display Technology

Orto makes your screen smart

by making the picture perfect from any perspective.

Experience it yourself

By tracking your location, Orto transforms the screen image and gives you a straight-on view.

Try it now
Without Orto
With Orto
Move around the room with your mouse.

How to use Orto

If you're a developer, working with Orto is easy on any platform.
Simply drop the SDK into your product...
input the original picture and user’s location
and Orto outputs a
transformed and responsive picture.

Other Applications

Roll over the examples below to see Orto in action.

More immersive gameplay on mobile devices and entertainment consoles.

Improved ergonomics when viewing angles are extreme.

Without Orto
With Orto

A better and safer delivery of visual information.

Without Orto
With Orto

For more information, contact Tim Hetland atpartnerships@ortoapp.com


Orto is made at the center of the universe by folks interested in making human-computer interfacing more human and less computer-y.